1.)  How come you cannot give an estimate over the phone?

Answer:  Every property is different.  We have to account for the size of the property, trees, fences, pools and accessibility.  There isn't a "once size fits all" estimate.  Also, it is not required that you need to be there, of course you're absolutely welcome.  In the event you will not be home, we ask that you verbally give us permission to walk onto your property.

2.)  Do I have to sign up for a full season?

Answer:  No you do not.  Our season runs from April - November, while we do not require the full season we do have a 3 month (consecutive) minimum for services.

3.)  What makes "SOTS" different that any other spray company? There seems to be so many available.

Answer:  Yes! There are many companies to choose from, this is why when you get a free estimate from us, there is no obligation to sign with us.  However we pride ourselves on being a local company where the OWNER is the one who is showing up to every job.  When you contact us you are speaking to Don or Rachel directly.  

4.)  Does organic really work?

Answer: Yes it does.  Just like anything else, consistency is key.  We are strict about spraying every 4 weeks.

5.)  What about pets and children?

Answer:  We care about pets and children this is why we recommend that you wait at least 1 hour after application to let children and pets play in the yard.

 6.)  How do I know if you came to my property and sprayed?

 Answer:  We leave a door hanger on the front door stating the date and time your property was treated.